I’ve been wanting to take a break from prop and miniature work and do some more figurative sculpting.

Lately I have been playing around a few ideas for pieces with mythological figures, one of them being Medusa.

I made a quick maquette  of what I have envision for one piece, though it’s missing a few things. She’ll be help up by a  hand, as well as having her hallmark snakes.


Robert Downey Jr. Sculpt.

I was commissioned a few months ago to make a 1/6th scale portrait of actor Robert Downey Jr. from his role in the movie “Tropic Thunder”. It was an interesting challenge, although I’ve worked in that scale before. For those who don’t know, 1/6th scale is used for collectible action figures like GI Joe that are 12 inches tall. The neck was hollowed out and drilled so that it could join at the customers figure.

I sculpted the original with Sculpey, and worked tirelessly trying to get the likeness just right, as well as adding in as many subtle details as I could. Then I made a simple two-part block mold, made a few casts, and did some paint test. The best out of all of them is what you see here.

Hero Mask

Last summer I did a sculpt of a generic ‘Hero Mask’ that was supposed to be used as a foam or latex piece with the possibility to sell. It was sculpted using a water based clay (something I rarely do) and done on a cast head that I’ve used a few times for helmets.

I thought the sculpt came out well, but due to it having been done during the summer, I had left out in the open one hot weekend, and it dried up and fell apart.

Thankfully, I took quite a few photos before that dreaded weekend, and here they are!

I hope to venture into doing more hero cowls and masks like Batman or Wolverine, and many others.

A Few Older Pieces…

Over the past few days I’ve been going through my newer and older works trying to bulk up my portfolio.

Here are a few more shots of pieces shown in an earlier post.

Creature Feature: Big Ear

Over the last few days, I’ve had a few people ask me how big these pieces are. Most seem rather shocked when I tell them, and state that they can’t quite tell the scale based on the photographs, and the amount of detail I’ve put into them.

So here it is, Big ear with a U.S. Nickle right next to him.
Is he smaller, or bigger than you had imagined?

Creature Feature: Big Ear

Finishing up one of the creature I sculpts I showed in my last post. I added some more mass to the neck and back of the head, and started to smooth out forms and details on the rest of the face. This was done with a combination of a simple loop too, and my fingers. After that, I used a soft brush dipped in odorless turpenoid to smooth everything out. Doing this makes a thin slurry of clay that you can push around on the sculpt, filling in smaller holes, smoothing out rake marks, and even giving it some skin-like textures.

After doing that, you need to set it aside for abit, as the clay with be even softer than usual. I waiting until the next morning to work on it, and went around with a small clay shaper tool that has a silicone tip. I started to scribe out wrinkles and other skin details.
The next step will be in finalizing all of those details, and working on pores, and hair.