Creature Feature: Big Ear

Finishing up one of the creature I sculpts I showed in my last post. I added some more mass to the neck and back of the head, and started to smooth out forms and details on the rest of the face. This was done with a combination of a simple loop too, and my fingers. After that, I used a soft brush dipped in odorless turpenoid to smooth everything out. Doing this makes a thin slurry of clay that you can push around on the sculpt, filling in smaller holes, smoothing out rake marks, and even giving it some skin-like textures.

After doing that, you need to set it aside for abit, as the clay with be even softer than usual. I waiting until the next morning to work on it, and went around with a small clay shaper tool that has a silicone tip. I started to scribe out wrinkles and other skin details.
The next step will be in finalizing all of those details, and working on pores, and hair.

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