Robert Downey Jr. Sculpt.

I was commissioned a few months ago to make a 1/6th scale portrait of actor Robert Downey Jr. from his role in the movie “Tropic Thunder”. It was an interesting challenge, although I’ve worked in that scale before. For those who don’t know, 1/6th scale is used for collectible action figures like GI Joe that are 12 inches tall. The neck was hollowed out and drilled so that it could join at the customers figure.

I sculpted the original with Sculpey, and worked tirelessly trying to get the likeness just right, as well as adding in as many subtle details as I could. Then I made a simple two-part block mold, made a few casts, and did some paint test. The best out of all of them is what you see here.

One response to “Robert Downey Jr. Sculpt.

  1. HA! I love it 🙂 That movie was ridiculous… and it looks amazing 🙂 *high five*
    I’m also glad you mentioned sculpey because it makes me feel less lame for making stuff with it…

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