The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Sigil of Akatosh

With the release of newest game in The Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, there has been alot of improvements in the graphics, mood, and story of The Elder Scrolls universe. With so much to see in just a ‘simple video game’, it can be very easy to get lost in the world. As a fan of both the company (Bethesda Softworks), and The Elder Scrolls series, I wanted to work on something from the game, and I wanted to start on something small for starters.

One of the most common images in the game, with the involvement of dragons, is the symbol of the Divine God, Akatosh, which also doubles as the symbol of the Empire. The games main screen also shows this image:

Reference image for Sigil of Akatosh.

My first step was figuring out a size I wanted to work with. After scaling the above image, and doing some quick sketches and measurements, I settled on 2.75″ for each side of the diamond shape. I then cut out a rough rectangle in thick white styrene board (I don’t remember the thickness, as the sheet was bought months ago), then penciled down the layout after figuring out the angles of each side. After that, I did some experimentation on the thickness of a boarder, as I wanted this to look like an amulet, or some form of badge of office or worship. I then cut those sides out in styrene, then super glued them to the diamond.

I sealed up the gaps from the borders and the base using epoxy filler, and then sanded them smooth. I started drawing down the image of Akatosh on the inside, which took alot more time than I thought, as well as some experimentation. I had originally decided to make the same version seen in the loading screens, but wanted to work on a version without the damage, and may make an alternate one with the dents, chips and scratches later on.

Step 1 Sigil of Akatosh

I used a sculpting wax called Castilene (available here), which can be very tough working with at first. It requires heat to be pliable, depending on it s firmness. Soft can be heated with heat from your hands, and medium and hard need heat from either lamps, heat guns, or like myself, a small crock pot. It can be heated into a liquid state, and then poured.

For this, I used a medium strength Castilene, and found it to be perfect for this piece. I would heat it up, work with it for abit, and allow it to cool to get harder edges. You can even freeze it to allow for carving in details, and even sanding.

Overall, the sculpting only took a few days, but there was alot of up’s and downs in having to correct some alterations, and working on finer details. I was incredibly pleased with the end result, and the choice of materials for this project. I’ve made a simple block mold of this in silicone, and will be making some test pulls later in the week.

Enjoy, and happy hunting in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! Watch out for Dragons!


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