TES V: Skyrim – Sigil of Akatosh

In my previous post, I had started working on a small prop, a Sigil of Akatosh.

It has since been molded in silicone and did a few tests pulls, I’m very pleased with the result.

I plan on doing a few experiments with mixing in some nickle powder I purchased a few months ago, to get a few cold cast metal pulls as well.

I have also started my next piece for TEV: Skyrim, the Amulet of Zenithar. It’s a fairly simple design, but I rather like it. Here is a shot at the beginning of the process. Like the Sigil, I used styrene sheets cut and glued together to get the desired thickness, and the outlines shown were eventually cut out with a simple lino-printing cutter.


And here is the finished product! Unfortunately, I neglected in any other WIP shots, as the build went fairly quickly. Cast in Smooth-On resin with aluminum powder.

zenithar03 zenithar02 zenithar01



5 responses to “TES V: Skyrim – Sigil of Akatosh

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  2. Instead of mixing in the nickel powder, try coating the inside of your mold with it. It uses waaaay less powder and gives the same result.

    The only downside is any deep scratches will show the mold color. So in this case, black would probably work great!

    Oh, and a little finish with some 0000 steel wool will help shine it up too!

    • I’ve attempted that method as well, but still having some issues. It seems the 325 is taking quite a long time to set up. I’ve done one test where I left a heater near by to help with the process, but it still feels soft to the touch, even after an hour.

      • I ran into that too. Any additives would push the 100% cure time up to 24 hours, so I just got into leaving it alone over-night.

        I think mixing the powder would have the same effect?

      • It may be. Hopefully I can retain some patience to see it through, in the mean time, I’m going to go back to using 300 plain, and do the usual airbrush paint routine.

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