TESV: Skyrim – Amulet of Talos

Hello again all! Another Skyrim related prop!

The greatest plot element in Skyrim, is the Empires forced decision to remove the Divine Talos from is pantheon of worship. Previously, he had been included in what was called The Nine Divines, with the Divines serving as gods. Talos was one of the only ones (well, officially anyways), that was a mortal man made into a god. With a war that broke out, and the treaty that followed, the Empire abolished his worship, and his idols. Found through out the game however, are Amulets of the Divines, even those of  Talos.

This piece is based directly from the game. Establishing it’s scale was a little hard though, as the games ‘human’ models are slightly idealized, but I was able to establish a general size for the piece.

I again chose to use Castilene for this one, and it was put on a simple cross shaped wire armature. In hindsight, I probably should have made the armature attach to a baseboard, as in the process of sculpting, I would have to hold it in my hand, and my own body heat would slowly soften the wax (as it is intended to do), and could occasionally diminish any previously sculpted details. Despite that, I was able to get the sculpt to a point where I felt it was close to the game model, and moved on to molding. I used the over so sophisticated method of blocking out the mold walls with Lego blocks, and poured a simple two part mold.

Here in the photos of the first casting, you can see that I had decided to add some pour spouts off of the tips of the ax and leading into a pouring channel off of the crossbeam. Doing this allowed that any trapped air would not get held up in important places, and resin could easily reach all the areas of the mold without too much trouble.

Below is a photo to show the scale, as just showing my hand doesn’t exactly help!



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