A well deserved THANK YOU!

In the last few weeks, my blog has gotten alot more attention than it usually has, in great part by being showcased on several sites lately.

It’s always a great feeling to find such links showing your own work, and I’m quite glad for it!

My Hawkman helmet was first show on Smooth-On’s Facebook page, and got quite a bit of views and comments.

I was then shown on the blog, Propnomicon, with my Sigil of Akatosh, and then my Lovecraft relief.

Tentaclii, a blog by author David Haden, who has written several books on H.P. Lovecraft, also showed my newest relief as well.

Not to mention comments and support from people over at The Replica Prop Forum, which can be an amazing place to learn, watch peoples projects, and just enjoy good company.

I would also like to throw a little shout out to Matt Munson, who’s been uploading videos explaining step-by-step insights to his personal build of Grapple Gun from the game, Batman: Arkham City. Check them out here!

Thank you to all, I really am thankful to all those that have looked over my work, and voiced their support!

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