‘Votive of the Deep One’, finished photos.

Finally finished molding and casting the ‘Votive of the Deep One’, seen in my previous post.

Overall I was pleased with the initial cast, but will tweak some things to get a better ‘aged bronze’ look to it.

I am wanting to develop a lot more projects and items like this in the future, but materials can be costly, and I try to keep my prices at a reasonable and affordable amount. Sale prices like this help get my name out, and also help me build up funds as well. Any help, is always appreciated.


5 responses to “‘Votive of the Deep One’, finished photos.

  1. Hi, I stumbled across your site from someone tweeting about it earlier today. You’ve done some very nice work.

    Do you mind if I’m nosey and ask how you achieved the final finish? I’ve just done some cold casting with aluminium for a Cthulhu statue and i’m looking to try it out with different finishes. I really like what you’ve got here and was considering bronze as one option.

    • Hello Monkeyface,
      Firstly I’m curious as to who re-posted this, as I always love to see where my viewers come from, and want to make sure proper thanks are made to those that help!

      As for the finish, it was very simple. The final piece was put into a one piece silicone block mold. Once the mold cured the sculpture removed, I brushed in a very fine bronze powder I’ve had with me since college. It’s so old that I honestly do not even recall who sold it or gave it to me, and I’ve not been able to find a similar type. I brush a small layer in, making sure to tap out any excess very lightly. Then with Smooth On 325 (which is a clear amber colored resin), I mixed in some black dye, and alittle of the bronze powder as well. I brush that into the mold, and then leave it to cure.

      After curing, I put some turponoid onto the piece to loosen up the resin, wipe it off, then buff it lightly with a high grit steel wool (my package says Super-Fine #0000). Spray it with a semi-gloss and there ya go!

  2. I’m based in the UK so shipping over here may be expensive 😉 I do like the idea of glow in the dark, added to the powder at the casting point it could be pretty cool to turn off the lights and see a glowing Cthulhu.

    I’ve been getting my powders from http://www.tiranti.co.uk/ and http://www.mouldlife.co.uk/ (mouldlifes shopping pages are terrible but phoning them up helps as they can tell you whats in stock) but I’ve found this place http://www.mbfg.co.uk/metal-powders.html which stocks metals and other materials for casting with.

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