Batman: Arkham City – Nightwing.

Yet another one of my personal projects that I’ve been working on while working on so many others.
This one is currently one of my favorites, and really hoping that I can get this one molded and cast and out to awaiting and loving cosplayers.

I loved the gritty and very realistic design work on Batman: Arkham City. While still firmly set in a fictional universe, I felt the strength of their designs made the costumes, items and some of the characters, very plausible. Well, except maybe Batman, look at those deltoids!

One favorite of mine, was Nightwing. He got a bit of an overhaul in the game, while still keeping very true to the characters current look. His face mask always caught my eye, so I thought I’d try my hand at making one. I’m still wanting to put this into a mold, but with so many different projects, I can’t feasibly fund it entirely myself just now.



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