‘Votive of the Dreaming One’, and more!

Just finished up two new Lovecraft pieces. I really loved working on the ‘Votive of the Deep One’, and decided to do some more, but wasn’t sure were to start. Based on some suggestions, I decided to do Cthulhu, and another Great Old One that is new to me, Chaugnar Faugn. After doing some reading, image searching, and sketching, I decided on what I wanted each to look like, and went to sculpting. They were done in about a day, and molded in about a day. Casted in the same manner as the first Votive, with bronze powder cold cast with black tinted Smooth-On 325 color matching resin.


‘Votive of the Dreaming One’, of Cthulhu.

‘Votive of the False One’, of Chaugnar Faugn.


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