Cthulhu Vs. Hurricane Sandy.

Few may know, but I currently reside in Providence, Rhode Island, and am a quick ten minute walk from Howard Phillips Lovecfraft’s final resting place. It’s a wonderful place to be, and can definitely help get a feel for the work I base some of my pieces off of.

This past week, Hurricane Sandy hit New England very hard, and much of New Jersey and New York is still suffering. Thankfully, most of Rhode Island was spared, except for our coast line.

A friend and fellow artist, Jason McKittrick of Cryptocurium is a resident of New Jersey, and was hit like many very hardly in this storm. He and I communicate almost daily about pieces, and share ideas, and was saddened to hear Sandy had unfortunately hit his area very hard.

Cryptocurium also a showcases many Lovecraftian artifacts, and will also be doing a Halloween Sale, with an amazing new item!

Please visit his store, and help support a fellow artist, and friend!