About ME!


My name, rather obviously, is Allan Harwood, and this, obviously, is my blog.

On the basics, I was born, raised, schooled, in Connecticut. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, and have been a budding young figurative sculpture since my arrival at that college.

After taking a few courses at the Rhode Island School of Design’s Continuing Education program, I have since relocated to Providence, Rhode Island.

But I have long just stared at this page, this ‘About ME!’ and wondering how the heck to fill it. Maybe thats one thing I can fill it with, how confused I often am about myself, but yet surprisingly, still focused on what I want.

I have always been in love with comics, images of heroes, and the feelings they can impart on you. As a child, I would gleefully sneak peaks at my brothers treasure chests of old comics, be enthralled in the smell of newsprint, and read diligently under a blanket with nothing but a dimming flashlight to guide my journey. This has always been my foundation, the place where all paths are rooted.

Years later during my time in high-school at the Norwich Free Academy in Connecticut, when I entered the Slater Memorial Museum there, again I was trapped in images of heroics, wonder, and was in constant awe of those great halls. I would often sneak in there during school hours, and years later, still find myself in a joyful wonder and anticipation as I step inside. This was my first real exposure to classical art, as well as figurative sculpture.  My experiences there, with friends, teachers and mentors, are what helped me begin to build a focus in this mass of confusion of interests.

While I was at college, I often wanted to go back to my love of comics, of the mystical and grand, yet was conflicted with my equal love of classical art, of the Renaissance, and the equally mythical figures of those times. I often wondered, would Leonardo da Vinci consider himself a Spider-Man fan, or would he gravitate towards Batman? Would Nietzsche find himself in love with the stories of Superman, or would be see his ideals pictures to be sophomoric and misused? Often during those years, my confusion was added on when trying to wonder, like all people do, my place in the grand scheme of things.

It wasn’t till a few years later, that I knew what that answer was.

I just don’t honestly give a shit.

I have many interests, in art, music, many topics, and they often do not mesh well with one another, or in most cases, people cannot seem to grasp my love of one specifc thing, while equally embracing another. How can a hardcore comic book nerd and video game geek find himself captivated at lectures of the Renaissance period and ancient medical practices. How could a ‘devout’ athiest/agnostic/non-believer find himself curious about the darker, nastier history of the Catholic Church, old pagan rituals, supernatural and new age spiritualism?

I’m just really, rather weird.

Here is a collection of that weirdness, often shown with little context in a greater whole, but still, a necessary part of me. I hope, in some way, you enjoy what you find here.


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