‘Votive of the Deep One’, finished photos.

Finally finished molding and casting the ‘Votive of the Deep One’, seen in my previous post.

Overall I was pleased with the initial cast, but will tweak some things to get a better ‘aged bronze’ look to it.

I am wanting to develop a lot more projects and items like this in the future, but materials can be costly, and I try to keep my prices at a reasonable and affordable amount. Sale prices like this help get my name out, and also help me build up funds as well. Any help, is always appreciated.



I noticed that with all my commissions and other projects, I haven’t really worked on something for ‘myself’.
While I love classical horror monsters, like The Mummy, Dracula, and obviously, Wolfman, I always loved the idea of other creatures that go the line as the Were-Wolf.

What about a Were-Squirrel, or a Were-Gecko?
Or…a Were-Whale!!!

So, here he is so far!